1995-Present   College Textbook Writer
Research and write college textbooks and instructor’s manuals in ethics and philosophy for McGraw-Hill.  See “Scholarly/Academic Publications.”

1999-2004      Assistant Director of Curriculum Affairs, Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, Rhode Island. (P/T)
Assist with curriculum; produce newsletter and student handbooks; work with student service learning groups; assist with organization of patient advocacy retreats; advise and mentor medical students; serve as faculty for writers’ affinity group; teach mini-course in ethics.

1993-1998       Curriculum Consultant
Consultant in ethics education at the Feinstein High School for Public Service, Providence, RI; and East Coast Associate for EREAPA (Educational Research, Evaluation, Assessment, Policy Analysts), Livermore California.  Assisted with the development of ethics curriculum and teacher training workshops; prepared written material for classroom and for publication.

1984-1995       Lecturer, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island.

2001-2003       P/T 1984-1988, F/T 1988-1995, P/T 2001-Present. Courses Taught:  Ethics, Logic, Medical Ethics, Course-based Community Service Learning, Introduction to Philosophy.

1984-1988       Adjunct Faculty, Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island. 
Courses Taught:  Ethics, Logic and Aesthetics.

1980-Present   Freelance Writer
See list of publications below  

1974-1979      Writer/Researcher, Nova Scotia Museum, Canada

Research and write reports, brochures, and guides


Doctor of Philosophy, Social Ethics, 1990. Boston University, Boston, MA.  Dissertation Advisors: Dr. Robert Neville and Dr. George Annas

Master of Science, Human Development, Counseling and Family Services, 1991 (Thesis: Development of Moral Reasoning in College Students) University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

Master of Arts, Philosophy, 1971 Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bachelor of Arts, Major: Psychology. Minors: Philosophy, Anthropology 1969. University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia


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5. Healthcare Ethics in a Diverse Society, co-author: Michael Brannigan, Mayfield Publishing Co. McGraw-Hill, 2000

6. The Birth Lottery, 1993, Loyola University Press, Chicago, Illinois.

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14. Teacher Trainer, Sponsored by Learn and Serve America and the Rhode Island Affiliated University Programs.  Co-facilitator of workshops on establishing ethics-based community service learning programs at various Rhode Island high schools: Providence high schools, 1994 to present.

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Television Interview, "Domestic Violence in Rhode Island," June 8, 1994, PBS, Channel 36.

Radio and Press Interviews, "URI Study: Students Moral Reasoning Improved by Community Service Work," March to April 1993, CNN Radio, Providence Journal and local papers.

Media Interviews, "Is Santa Corrupting our Children?" November/December 1991, December 1992.  Included four television interviews and about thirty interviews on radio shows throughout the United    States and Canada as well as the British Broadcasting Corporation, Voice of America and stations in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.  Articles on the story also appeared in approximately 100 newspapers throughout the US, including USA Today.

Television Interview, "Near Death Experiences," September 24, 1990, Channel 12 News,     Providence, RI.


1998                PlaneMath Evaluation Study, Assisted EREAPA Associates in California with evaluation and write-up of study on use of a NASA sponsored Internet math lessons for children with physical disabilities.

1995                Campus Compact Curriculum Development Award

1994-1995       URI Foundation Grant, Study on effects of community service learning on students' social, personal and moral development.  Worked on study with the assistance of two graduate students in college student personnel.

1994-present  Grant Application Reviewer, Corporation for National Service, Washington D.C., Review national and community service grant proposals from colleges and universities.

1993-1995       Project Impact, Hanley Vocational School, Providence, Rhode Island, Assisted with the Development of Ethics Curriculum and Organization of Workshops to Train Teachers.  Funded by a grant from Learn and Serve America.

1993-1995       Alternatives to Violence Program, Adult Correctional Institution, Cranston, Rhode Island: Participated in an Informal Study to Measure the Effect of the Program on Prisoners' Moral Development.


2003-Present   Authors Guild, Member

2005-Present   Mystery Writers of America

2008-Present   Sisters in Crime

2012-Present   ARIA (Association of Rhode Island Authors)

1998-2010       U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Volunteer.

1995-2004       Appalachian Mountain Club, Secretary (1997-1998); Certificate for completion of Leadership Training (1997); Completion of compass and map reading workshops (1998); Certification for completion of Wilderness First Aid course (1998).

2004-2009       Philosophy Department, Brown University, Visiting Scholar

1997-2001       Center for the Study of Human Development, Brown University, Visiting Scholar

2000                Brown Medical School St. Lucia, Guatemala trip.  Accompanied faculty and medical students to Guatemala to provide medical and dental care to under-serviced indigenous population.

1996              Habitat for Humanity, Accompanied students from URI and other Rhode Island Colleges on trip to Mexico to help build homes for low-income families.

1994-1995     Campus Compact New England Regional Institute, Member of planning committee for Regional Institute on "Integrating Service with Academic Study."

1994-1995     URI Community Service Committee, Chair of research sub-committee.

1991-1995     American Association of University Professors, Member of the Executive Committee, 1991-1992; Adviser to the Contract Negotiation Team, 1992; Member of the Nominating Committee, 1993; Member of Committee to Study the Status of Non-tenure Track Faculty, 1994; Member of All-Campus Bargaining Unit Committee, 1995.

1992               Diversity Trainingfor Leading Classes and Workshops in Issues of Racial Diversity and Homophobia.

1984-Present   Rhode Island Philosophical Society: President-elect, 1990; President, 1991.

1991-1992       University of Rhode Island Racial and Ethnic Discrimination Committee: Faculty Representative (Committee disbanded in 1992).

1986-Present   American Philosophical Association.

1988-1995       Teaching Fellow: University of Rhode Island Instructional Development Program.

1993-1996       Women's Resource Center of South County: Advisory Group for Education.

1988-1990       Rhode Island DAWN for Children: Member of the Board.

1984-Present   MENSA

1982-1988       Johnnycake Center Newport, Rhode Island: Member of the Board.

1982-1989       Newport Writers' Forum: Founder and past President.


                                   Professional References Available upon Request